Top 5 Terminal Commands

  1. In this post we will be delving into the topic about ‘cool terminal commands’. The only prerequisite is:
  • * A Linux based machine –> Must be Debian based( meaning it has the apt package manager)

Anyways, there are a lot of interesting and cool Linux commands out there, some of the more interesting and ‘cool’  that really catch your eyes will be listed below:

1.) Cowsay –>Cowsay is basically a cool program that contains a few animal text-pictures for the terminal–> To install run apt install cowsay

cowsay -f dragon hello





  • This is really just a fun pointless command that will bring a smile to anyone’s face throughout the day.
  • The syntax: cowsay -f $animal $string

2.) sl –> sl is a cool program that creates a train that runs across your terminal –> To install run apt install sl

sl --> A Terminal command

  • Yet again a fun pointless command that can move(pun intended) your mood.
  • The syntax: sl or sl -alfefor all options

3.) figlet –> figlet is a cool program that converts the inputted characters into ASCII art


Another pointless command that can diversify your  command appetite.

The syntax: `figlet` $string or $character

4.) fortune –> Fortune a cool little command that can bring inspiration and motivation into your day.

fortune command

Probably the best distributive quote/statements command in the terminal

The syntax: If not installed, run apt  install fortune-mod. 

Then simply type fortune.

5.) aafire –> aafire is an extremely cool command that strategically puts numbers and characters into a specific order, thus generating a “fire” effect in your very own terminal!

aafire command

Definitely the best fire emulator for your moneys worth(free)!!! It is practically a cost effective fire place(Warning this may replace your current fire place).

The syntax: if not installed, run apt install libaa-bin then simply run aafire.

If you’re still interested in more cool commands, check out toilet, bb, and Sea aquariam!

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